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E.T. International Founder Wins 2011 Gauss Award at International Supercomputing Conference

Dr. Guang R. Gao Recognized for Most Outstanding Research Paper in Scalable Supercomputing for Research Work at University of Delaware

Newark, DE - June 10, 2011 - E.T. International, Inc. (ETI), a provider of system software solutions for hybrid and many-core hardware architectures, today announced that company founder and president Dr. Guang R. Gao is the 2011 recipient of the annual Gauss Award, which recognizes the most outstanding paper in the field of scalable supercomputing at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC). 

Co-authored with Jack Dennis of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Xiaoxuan Meng of the University of Delaware, Dr. Gao’s “Experiments with the Fresh Breeze Tree-Based Memory Model” is based on his research at the University of Delaware and proposes the Fresh Breeze memory model and system architecture as an approach to achieving significant improvements by supporting fine-grain management of memory and processing resources and utilizing a global shared name space for all processors and computation tasks.  Specifically, the Fresh Breeze memory model uses trees of fixed-size chunks of memory to represent all data objects.

“On behalf of my colleagues at MIT and the University of Delaware, I am honored to accept this prestigious distinction at this year’s ISC,” said Gao.  “The Fresh Breeze memory model is a novel new approach to system architecture, and its emphasis on a fine-grained, dynamic, asynchronous, and adaptive management of resources will become increasingly critical as more advanced many-core systems proliferate.”

The Gauss Award is sponsored by the German Gauss Center for Supercomputing, a cooperative of the German national supercomputing centers at Garching, Jülich, and Stuttgart.  The Gauss Award Committee annually selects the most outstanding paper in the field of scalable supercomputing from those accepted for ISC’s Research Paper Sessions to receive the honor.

Dr. Gao and his fellow researchers will be recognized during the ISC’11 Opening Session on June 20th and will present the paper during the Research Paper Sessions on June 21. 

ETI’s activity at ISC includes presentations of its SWARM programming software for many-core and joint HPC solutions with Adapteva at Booth 400-5, and demonstration of the near-peak performance of its many-core solutions on advanced HPC systems at Intel booths 530 and 801.  ETI will also take part in a Birds of a Feather discussion on “Runtime Systems for Hybrid Many-Core Systems” during Session 6 on June 21 and as part of the Start-up Forum on June 22.  More information on ETI at ISC’11 is available here.

About E.T. International, Inc.
E.T. International (ETI) provides system software designed specifically for advanced many-core computing systems that span from supercomputers for highly scientific research to high performance portable devices for smartphones and games.  As the leading many-core technology expert, ETI provides software solutions that increase performance, computing power, and efficiency so that users can fully realize the power of many-core architectures.  Built on a decade of highly complex, massively parallel programming research for extreme-scale computing systems with the Department of Defense, ETI currently provides software, applications and custom engineering services for the energy, defense, semiconductor, digital media, and financial markets.

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