HAMR: Unified Solution for Big Data 

HAMR is a real-time data driven processing engine that runs within Hadoop 2.0. It is the only solution capable of dynamically pulling data directly from multiple sources simultaneously, while running both batch and real-time streaming analytics.  By packaging HAMR to work with Hadoop 2.0 and leveraging the Hadoop YARN resource manager, HAMR provides a streamlined solution for organizations to extract greater insights from their data.  

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Multi-core Programming Technology

E.T. International, Inc. (ETI) specializes in providing breakthrough high-performance system software solutions and services for organizations looking to reap the benefits of advanced many-core and heterogeneous computing systems. ETI delivers its SWARM performance accelerator for a range of systems, from embedded platforms to large-scale, multi-core/multi-node supercomputers, to enable organizations to fully utilize their available power and capacity for performance-critical applications.

As mainstream computing becomes more widely dependent on many-core heterogeneous platforms, developers can ensure the continued optimal performance of their software with SWARM.



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 HAMR: Unified Solution for Big Data White Paper 



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 HAMR:Direct Source Analytics for Real-Time Processing



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 SWARM:Scalable Performance Optimization for Multi-core/Multi-node 



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